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The Team

Steven Callahan
I am a second year Computer Science major at UT with an anticipated minor in business. I have a specialization in big data and growing passions for cybersecurity and game design.
Major Responsibilities: Data, Javascript
Commits: 106
Issues: 21
Unit Tests: 3
Christopher Chen
I'm a third year computer science major at the University of Austin. I love my dog Paco and music more than anything else.
Major Responsibilities: Frontend, Backend, Database, Docker
Commits: 50
Issues: 17
Unit Tests: 0
Keegan Franklin
I'm a Junior majoring in Computer Science at the University of Texas. I am originally from Amarillo, Texas. In my free time, I enjoy practicing the violin, volunteering and finding new board games to play with friends.
Major Responsibilities: API, Selenium, Python
Commits: 23
Issues: 22
Unit Tests: 9
Anshuman Kumar
Team Leader
Hey, I'm Anshuman Kumar, and I'm a senior at the University of Texas at Austin. I'll be graduating this December and will be starting work full time at Amazon in the spring.
Major Responsibilities: Deployment, Backend, API Test
Commits: 36
Issues: 18
Unit Tests: 0
Katherine Hsu
Hi, I'm Katherine Hsu and I'm from Austin, Texas. I'm a junior Computer Science major at UT Austin this year. Outside of schoolwork, I'm in a few clubs and I also like to bullet journal, listen to music, watch youtube, and paint.
Major Responsibilities: API, Python
Commits: 18
Issues: 6
Unit Tests: 9

Total Commits: 233

Total Issues: 84

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